Leaders must have an insatiable hunger for victory, absolute belief in their cause, and an invincible courage that enables them to resist those who would otherwise discourage them. There is no chance; no destiny; no fate that can circumvent, hinder, or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.

Les And Sheri Dennard

Sarasota, FL

Prior to seeing the opportunity of this business, Les and Sheri were both in the medical field, Les a LPN and Sheri a RN. Les saw the medical field changing and did not want to further pursue his career in it. He chose to take the entrepreneurial spirit and became self-employed owning four businesses: landscaping, landscape maintenance, cleaning business, and a restaurant. Sheri chose to stay in the medical field but became a hospital consultant for a software company.

Together they blended a family of six children, three girls and three boys. Realizing that they didn't have the time that they would have liked to spend with each other and their family, they knew they had to find something else that would give them the time and money they were looking for. Due to a crisis that Les had early in his life, he was out of work for two years and life changed for Les and Sheri. Les had seen the Amway opportunity eight times before making the decision that this would be the right move for him and his family to take.

They realized the business was right for them because they loved strategizing and building the business together and sharing its rewards with their family. The ongoing income from their Amway business now allows them to control their own time. Using their mentorship and the guidance and principles from the Amway corporate office, they have been able to lead others toward changing their financial situation and helping families focus on family again.