Vera Doyle






Vera grew up in a small town south of  Ann Arbor MI. In 1981 she saw the Amway business at the age 18  right out of High School and became a IBO for the Amway business and  with in a few years this would be the her primary source of income. After achieving the level of Emerald and Diamond it allowed her to travel across the continents for motivational and educational seminars. The business made it possible to not only have material things in her life but a life of travel.  The adventures took her to Asia, Europe, Africa, Mexico and across the US including Alaska and Hawaii.

During more then 30 years in the industry and  freedom from a conventional occupation. Vera was able to write books from her experience of helping others,  having many other business and investments,  and be a care giver for  her mother in later years until her death.