Tim Goad

Tim Goad

Tim Goad is an author, speaker, leadership expert, and consultant who has trained and coached top executives and leadership teams at companies such as Disney, Mail Boxes etc., Amway, National Agents Alliance, and Eniva Corporation. His unique approach and vast experience has made him a valuable asset to the ongoing success of corporations spanning many different industries.

Leadership teams emerge from his training with a fresh, more energized approach toward the overall purpose of their corporate vision. He and his wife, Gaye, have helped countless numbers of professionals learn the strategies and leadership principles necessary in creating an environment of excellence in corporations, ministries, and individuals. By drawing on over 30 years as a proven successful leader, Tim gives organizations the competitive edge required to excel in every area of leadership.To know the man that Tim is today, however, one needs to begin in an earlier, more humble beginning.

At the age of 11, Tim began to display the entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities that would come to define his entire life. While his friends filled their day with baseball games and leisurely summer activities, Tim worked hard to develop his first company, a lawn care business that enabled him to become partially self-sufficient. It was during this time that Tim was quietly developing the leadership qualities within himself that would become the foundation that countless others would come to rely on as he embarked on the next phase of his life—a phase that would eventually touch thousands of lives.

Not satisfied with merely attaining financial success, and burdened with the overwhelming desire to make an impact on the world, Tim, at the age of 18, created Goad International, a non-profit, purely humanitarian mission that would eventually grow into one of the widest-spanning organizations of its kind in the world. Relying on a natural ability to lead others, Tim worked tirelessly to develop Goad International into an organization whose reach spanned 180 countries as well as 23 cities in the United States. As Tim’s vision grew, so did his organization—eventually employing over 500 individuals throughout the world as well as 80 right here in America.