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Accreditation Program


Recognizing Leadership

The Amway Professional Development Accreditation Program™ recognizes professional development programs that are standard-bearers, setting an example for others to follow.

The program recognizes Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and organizations of IBOs whose professional development (or training and support) programs meet stringent content criteria for acceptance and accuracy and whose professional development compensation plans are transparent to participants, written, and contractual.

IBOs who have been awarded accreditation also reflect a commitment to best practices and are in full compliance with Amway ’s Rules of Conduct.

Amway created this program with IBO leaders, the Independent Business Owners Association International Board, and a Business Support Materials Task Force to set standards and recognize leadership in professional development.

Program Overview
The Amway Professional Development Accreditation Program recognizes Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and IBO organizations for setting an example in professional development (or training and support) programs.

Accreditation is a recognized and proven way that many businesses and organizations ensure their products, programs, or services possess specific attributes.

IBOs and IBO organizations who have achieved accreditation have satisfied all program criteria, including providing a professional development curriculum that includes product training and business-building components. They engage in communications that comply with the IBO Communications Platform, which can be summed up as: Focus on business and "treat others as you would like to be treated." They demonstrate a commitment to best practices and ongoing education. They offer professional development compensation plans that are transparent, written, and contractual. And, IBOs who achieve accreditation are in good standing and in compliance with Amway 's Rules of Conduct.



Criteria and Process

Independent Business Owners (IBOs) interested in pursuing accreditation apply to the program, and their applications are reviewed according to the following criteria:


Amway reviews all applications based on the above criteria and awards accreditation to individuals and/or organizations that satisfy all requirements. IBOs/organizations are accredited for a two-year period and must renew annually. IBOs/organizations are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure they remain in compliance with Accreditation Program criteria. Any breach of Amway 's Rules of Conduct or actions that mean an IBO is no longer in good standing could result in revocation of accreditation.

Knights of is proud to be recognized as an Amway Accredited Business since 2009.